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Ertebatat Faragostar

The First member of the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) in Iran

  Ertebatat Faragostar
(Global Communications) Company
is one of the Iranian's leading and the most experienced Internet and communication solutions and services provider, such as  VSAT, Satellite based Internetworking, Web and Email Filtering, Wireless LANs and ISP Services.
 Ertebatat Faragostar is the first member of the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the exclusive reseller of SurfControl in Iran.

We are committed to our customers by implementing the latest and the most reliable technologies, and we make sure that our customers receive the best solution or services, in order to cut costs, increase productivity, and expand their business.

Ertebatate Faragostar company has Seven years of innovative experience in the field of  Telecommunication. Any other company using the name of "Ertebatate Faragostar" as a part of her name, is not in any way, affiliated to this company.


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Faragostar Communication Company